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I just finished reading 5 Ways Twitter Strengthens A School's Learning Community, and I learned a lot from it. I'll admit that I'm still a twitter newbie and don't do much aside from an occasional message or retweet. I absolutely loved the idea of using Twitter to maximize field trips, and hope to use this in the fall when I'm back in the classroom!

I'm hoping to learn even more...how do you use twitter? Any tips for me as I start trying to use it effectively?

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Here is a really good post from a 6th grade teacher - the context is history but the ideas transfer really well to other disciplines.

Twitter - Expanding our Classroom - Shrinking the World

Just saw a post on Edutopia that discusses Twitter in Eduction: Five-Minute Film Festival - Twitter in Education. The videos in the playlist give you a primer on how to use some of the features on Twitter, and then a few ideas of the possibilities for teaching and learning.

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