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Our corportion is currently preparing IPADS for our students. We are looking for apps that are relevant for the classroom. Please share your favorites.



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Hi, Rhonda,

Great topic! Jessica Prunty, from ITSCO, did a webinar for MSP2 earlier this year about iPad apps for the middle school classroom. You can review the recording and also grab links to some of the apps here or at the Webinar Archive page.

Hope this gives you a start.

Please share your experience with iPads and which apps you deem best for your kids.


  1. Dragon Dictation
  2. Evernote
  3. Quick Graph
  4. Science Glossary
  5. Video Science
  6. Convert Units
  7. Experiment
  8. iFormulas


Thanks, Davilla. Are you using iPads much in your classroom? What are you seeing/hearing about them in middle school classrooms?


Our school doesn't have them, but my husband does.  One of things you can do is use your IPad as a presentation system.  Keynote presentations, video streaming, and anything else you can see on the IPad can be presented to the class.  You can hardwire your IPad or use Itv for wireless connection.

Whenever I can save up enough to get one, I plan to have all my presentation there for easy access. 

I wonder if kids could use them to access and share projects?  I always figure if it helps my productivity, it could also help theirs.

Each of our 8th grade students will receive an iPad this year. The iPads will be loaded with

  • eClicker
  • iMovie
  • Keynote
  • Numbers
  • Pages
  • EMD PTE (Periodic table of elements)
  • Google Earth
  • Noteshelf
  • Evernote
  • QuickGraph
  • Calculator
  • Pandora

I also like

  • Diigo
  • Science360
  • TED
  • CNN
  • NASA
  • Wolfram
  • MIT OpenCourse
  • Shakespeare



I will be piloting iPads and Macbooks in my classroom this year. In order for my students to collaborate and present their work (lab reports, activities, projects, discussions) I was planning to make my wiki ( at wikispaces.com) as a "home base". I need a place where PC and Apple users can both go (students will not be 1:1) to upload or edit. However, the iPad2 does not work 100% with the wiki for editing or downloading items such as images, video or you tube. I feel like I have to take several steps to accomplish one task. I am not sure if this is the best way to do this. Does anyone have any experience? Should I use another "home base"?  

Recently used the following:
Cell and Structure
Science 360
Solar walk

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