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Does anyone know of any research regarding math textbook adoption and grade configurations?  In particular, I am looking for information on K-6 adoptions vs. K-5/6-8 adoptions.  I have scoured the web without finding anything :(

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Lynn - I'll add your question to the MSP2 newsletter that will go out today. Hopefully, you'll get some responses. Kim

Thanks, Kim ~~ that would be wonderful :) Am finding it hard to believe that there's nothing out there...

If you are a state that has adopted the Common Core State Standards, the textbooks publishers are racing to get a book out for the schools that are aligned with them. I do not know of any research regarding textbook adoption and grade configurations. I have always had to supplement with any textbook that I have used. I hope that I have been some help. It is hard to adopt a book that meets all the standards.

Something in Shannon's comment made me think of the "What Works Clearinghouse" - it is funded by the US Dept. of Education and they have funded quite a bit of research on existing curriculum materials. I did a search on math and quite a few studies came up - Accelerated Math, Connected Math. There is a ton of good information across the disciplines - hope you find something that helps.

Thank you for your efforts and suggestions, Shannon and Kim.  As a search committee we have already discussed how textbooks are rapidly changing in response to the CCSS-M at this point as well as the fact that a "perfect" textbook does not exist.  Our goal is to find one that needs the least "fixing" and supports teachers as they respond to the CCSS-M instructional shifts and mathematical practices in addition to the appropriate content.  My original question was mainly wondering about what to include in our PK-6 search ~~ just PK-6 series or PK-5/6-8 series as well... 

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