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About the MSP2 Project

The Middle School Portal 2: Math and Science Pathways (MSP2) project supports middle grades educators with high-quality, standards-based resources and promotes collaboration and knowledge-sharing among its users. Educators use MSP2 to increase content knowledge in science, mathematics, and appropriate pedagogy for youth ages 10 to 15. MSP2 employs social networking and digital tools to foster dynamic experiences that promote creation, modification, and sharing of resources, facilitate professional development, and support the integration of technology into practice.

MSP2 also includes the development of virtual learning experiences designed for middle school aged youth through which young people increase their ability to explore, discover ideas, problem solve, think critically, communicate, use technology in a productive and responsible manner, and become globally aware. These experiences will help them become aware of educational pathways that lead to careers in science, mathematics, and technology.

Project Partners

MSP2 is a project of The Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology, School of Teaching and Learning, National Middle School Association, and Education Development Center, Inc., and is funded by the National Science Foundation. The partners integrate resources, tools, and services across projects, and support multiple methods of resource discovery to meet the needs of this audience.

The Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology, School of Teaching and Learning offers innovative programs for those beginning a teaching career, those who seek to add an endorsement to their license or to deepen their research-based knowledge to inform their teaching, and those seeking to become a researcher/scholar. The School's faculty, staff and graduate students all work to improve the educational experiences of students throughout Ohio and the world. Collectively they bring a wealth of classroom, research, and university experience to assist our students in the process of learning.

National Middle School Association is dedicated to improving the educational experiences of young adolescents by providing vision, knowledge, and resources to all who serve them in order to develop healthy, productive, and ethical citizens.

Education Development Center, Inc. is a global nonprofit organization that designs, delivers and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the world's most urgent challenges in education, health, and economic opportunity.

Additional Partners

National Science Digital Library Resource Center at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) combines intra-community support structures for the NSDL community of grantees and NSDL partners with mechanisms for:

  • Effective and efficient outreach and dissemination
  • Systematic data gathering
  • Monitoring and reporting on trends and practices
  • Provision of services and support for teacher training, professional development, and STEM workforce growth
  • Brokering of partnerships and opportunities on behalf of the community
  • Promoting and advocating for NSDL.

National Science Digital Library Technical and Network Services is a collaborative effort between Cornell University, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), and the University of Colorado at Boulder. TNS provides operational support, tools and services, and technical development fostering collaborative community creation, use, and reuse of resources, tools, and services supporting transformative STEM education, to NSDL and other NSF grantees.

Advisory Board

Cherlyn Anderson, SC Department of Education

Tracy Crow, National Staff Development Center

Doug Darfus, Jones Middle School, Upper Arlington, OH

Mindy Johnson, CAST

Steve Hargadon, Classroom 2.0, LearnCentral

David Hayward, Instructional Technology Services of Ohio

Ed Hill, Ohio Board of Regents

Kathleen Koch, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC

Stephen Krak, Battelle

Stacy Lewis, Gethsemane Properties, LLC

Marcia Mardis, Florida State University

June Mark, Education Development Center

Michelle Masucci, Temple University

Eileen McIlvain, University Corporation for Academic Research

Carol Minton Morris, Cornell University

Rita Oates, ePals

Melissa Rasberry, Center for Teaching Quality

Juan Rodriguez, Fuller Middle School, Framingham, MA

Anne Schreiber

Judy Spicer, Ohio Resource Center

MSP2 Community Guidelines

Members of the MSP2 community agree to the following guidelines:

  • Out of respect for my online colleagues, I will focus on the ideas and not the individuals who post them.
  • I will engage in civil conversation.
  • I will focus my postings on the professional work of middle grades educators by sharing stories, successes, and challenges that promote thoughtful discussion about teaching, learning, and middle grades students, with special attention to STEM content and skills.
  • I will avoid topics that move the community away from its main purpose.
  • I understand there are differences in beliefs of individuals, schools, and communities; and will respect those differences as I focus on the community’s main purpose--to facilitate the growth of a community of practice around middle grades math and science education and the use of digital and web-based tools to strengthen teaching and learning.

While the community manages and monitors itself, project leaders (staff from OSU, EDC, and NMSA) will take action to prohibit inappropriate activity or eliminate inappropriate content from the site, should that become necessary.

Address any questions about this project to

Kimberly Lightle, PhD
Principal Investigator
Director of Digital Libraries
School of Teaching and Learning
College of Education and Human Ecology
Ohio State University
1929 Kenny Road, Suite 400
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 688-3485

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