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10 projects to teach creativity and problem solving skills in your classroom


Really need the ppt to support this workshop – lots of links!

What is innovation? Doing the “impossible”, creating something new

How can we be creative within the parameters of our standards and pacing? Think about blocks, or legos. They can build and create. Once they know how it work, then they can create and build. Need the tools and know how to use them before you can innovate.

Canadian slowing of traffic measure- graphic of pothole. Some are real, some are fake for slowing traffic. Since drivers don’t realize which are real, they slow down for all. Different way to solve a problem.

Resources: Disney engineer books, Critical thinking- daily spark – k-12 book, Brain Games books 7-12, Use visual problems as brain stimulation. If students don’t understand at the end, make a model to show. What is really important is looking at how you solve it, not just the answer,

Problem questions: Name things that have holes in them, Uses for a balloon, Uses for Velcro, Name a manufactured item for each letter- b=block, c=car

Inventor facts- lots of facts about a product, guess the product

Tell me a story in 30 seconds- Show a picture, give the person 10 seconds to tell a story, then the next person adds to the story, then next.

Edheads.org – 10 projects to meet standards. Animated with lesson plans and tied to state standards. Works best across class periods, although it can be done in one period. Knee surgery, cell phone design and more. (includes feed back and real photos.)

Kerpoof.com- 8 flash based projects – has a public version and an educator version

Jamestown adventure- interactive adventure in establishing a colony

Word Max- take a photo, write one or two words that define picture, Make a movie of all their words

Inspiration/kidspiration- bubbl- free web based

3-d for virtual tours – zooburst – takes digital storytelling a step further with 3d pix

voki – create an avatar, including text to speech or voice recording, make the avatar talk

the backdoor to enlightenment- 8 steps to living your dreams and changing your world

for every nine people who denounce innovation, only one will encourage it

for every nine people who stands in line, only one will check the back door, etc….will you be the 10th


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Comment by Martina Fasano on November 25, 2010 at 7:51pm
The link to the website doesn't work....is the extension .com or something else? Thanks so much for posting this! I really wanted to go to this session but couldn't.

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