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Earth Science Week (Oct. 14-20) - Connect with NASA Earth Explorers

During October 14-20, 2012, NASA will introduce students of all ages to an incredible group of NASA Earth Explorers – from scientists and engineers, to multimedia producers, educators and writers. Under the theme “Discovering Careers in the Earth Sciences,” this year’s Earth Science Week will focus on the stories of the many Earth Explorers who contribute to our understanding of the planet.
We invite you and your students to join us on this adventure. Find out about Earth Explorers -- their careers, why and how they study the planet and what their typical day is like.  Blog posts, Google+ Hangouts, and Twitter chats are just some of the media activities that will allow explorers to tell their stories. Your class can directly participate by asking questions during the live events or sending in questions beforehand..
Our current schedule includes:
Tuesday, October 16 – Twitter Chat with polar scientist Thorsten Markus
Wednesday, October 17 – Google+ Hangout with Operation IceBridge scientist Christy Hansen, on location near Antarctica
Thursday, October 18 – Twitter Chat with atmospheric research scientist Erica Alston
Thursday, October 18 – Reddit Interview with Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist
In addition to our wide array of English-language events and resources, there will also be content in Spanish on our website and events for Spanish speakers including a Univisión radio interview on Tuesday, October 16 with scientists Erika Podest and Miguel Román, and a webinar with engineers from NASA’s Aquarius mission on Wednesday, October 17 for high school and college students.
NASA Earth Science Week activities and resources on careers are great for:
·      Discussion topics/activities for your science club
·      Quick class "starter" activities – students select explorers to read about/watch videos, get in small groups and identify questions for the live events (questions can be asked during the event or submitted by email in advance)
·      Activities supporting national education standards related to The Nature of Science
·      Opportunities for students to connect directly with Earth Explorers
Visit the NASA Earth Science Week website (http://climate.nasa.gov/esw2012) for a collection of articles, event information, blog posts, educational products in English and Spanish, and more!

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