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Over the course of the last year, twitter chats of all sorts have been popping up.  A regular chat devoted to the middle level has been slow to get off the ground.  There is a hashtag (#midleved) and some regular contributors, but nothing close to a live chat.  That is something that a few middle school educators are trying to change.  Despite being listed on Cybraryman's website as a Tuesday chat (#midleved), it has also occurred as an all-day Friday chat in the past.  We are seeking input on a regular date & time as well as a topic for the initial chat.  Once the first topic is set, weekly polls will be listed to determine the current week's topic.  We have contacted Troy & Shawn from the Middle School Matters podcast about including a summary of the chat in their weekly series.  Tying together the #midleved chat, Middle School Matters, and the Middle School Portal 2 sites would provide for a stronger community to share resources, collaborate, and disseminate information.  


Please consider joining us on twitter, click on the twitpolls and cast your vote.

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Comment by Ron on March 9, 2011 at 11:07pm

Thanks for the comments!  


Mary...at home I use the Tweetdeck extension on my Chrome browser.  At work I use Tweetgrid (faster real-time streaming)...and HootSuite.  Twitter chats can be invigorating (and overwhelming to first-timers) as you get fresh perspectives from a plethora of contributors.


Kim - I saw the tweets...thanks for adding the hashtag to your tweets!

Comment by Mary Henton on March 9, 2011 at 2:09pm

Ron, you've just opened up to me the whole arena of Twitter Chats! I've known about them. Know folks who participate in them. But I haven't explored or tried out any.

Practical question: what Twitter Chat tool do you use/recommend? Tweetdeck? TweetChat? Twubs? ???

Comment by Kim Lightle on March 7, 2011 at 9:49am
Ron - Thanks so much for information - it was news to me. I just tweeted the questions to the MSP2 followers and will start using the hashtag whenever I come across items that are specific to middle level. We can add the midlevel chat times to our MSP2 events calendar once the time/day has been determined. We would love to participate in any way we can. Any other ideas MSP2 members? Kim

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